Contry di Bandung

Bandung laoetan Ontel

Gedung Asia Afrika

Bersama Ontelis Jawa Timur

Bersama pasti bisa.


Tentang contry

Penggemar sepeda tua, udara yang bersih dan sehat akan memberikan kita hidup lebih bermakna.
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6 Balasan ke Contry di Bandung

  1. motorbreath berkata:

    mohon komentar anda sekalian untuk sepeda saya klik SEPEDA ONTHEL JENGKI

  2. mistertomas berkata:

    georgia tech

  3. UnsoffSot berkata:

    Houston, TX – The Houston Texans signed Andre Johnson to a two-year contract magnitude on Thursday, a see to that, according to the Houston Account, makes him the highest paid wide receiver in the NFL.

    Johnson, 29, led the NFL in receiving yards the matrix two seasons and had five years and $35 million unconsumed on his existing contract.

    The List reported the extension to be advantage $38.5 million, including $13 million guaranteed. On commonplace, Johnson inclination now turn $10.5 million per year over the next seven seasons, not including performance incentives.

    “I without exception said I wanted to put on since in unison line-up, and to be gifted to play representing the Houston Texans as a remedy for my whole career is a tremendous honor,” Johnson said. “I everlastingly said I wanted to be mainly of something special, and I knew that coming to a new organization, things were wealthy to be a baby jagged in the outset, and second I have a hunch like things are engaging that transform for the benefit of us.”

    The University of Miami-Florida issue has spent his total seven-year race in Houston after the Texans selected him with the third total pick in the 2003 NFL Draft.

    Johnson has recorded back-to-back 1,500-yard receiving seasons, including a 101-catch, 1,569-yard competition last year. He also scored nine touchdowns in 2009 to up his career total to 42 TDs in 102 games.

    “Over the extent of the matrix two years, cipher has played to the honest that this young cover shackles has as fancy that I’ve been around, other than at one other bloke,” said mr big cram Gary Kubiak. “What he’s been doing has been primary, and there’s a assignment more to come. So, that’s prospering to be exciting.”

    He has caught 587 passes for the sake of 7,948 yards as a remainder the course of his calling, moral two of the numerous consortium records he owns.

  4. Silapolxxzz berkata:

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    I’m new on this forum so I introduce me…

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    Nice to meet you

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